Saturday, January 28, 2012

south korea is a fascist right wing dictatorship

south korea is a fascist right wing dictatorship., it is similar to the u.s, where the rich monopolise everything, and the poor are struggling. they claim to be a democracy, but like most democracies, they represent the interest of the rich, and the majority are silenced. south korea is what we call a fake democracy. on top of that, south korea is a pupet state of the usa. they have 30,000 troops stationed there. it;s kind of hard for south koreans to make decisions based on their own interests when they have 30,000 guns pointed at them
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벤츠 bmw 아우디는 고장이없다.

뭔 가르쳐주는 사람한테 공부를하래...전 벤츠 BMw 잔고장없이 잘탑니다...독일 럭셔리 시장은 차를 금방 바꾸는 부자들을 위해 신기술을 갖춘 차모델을 매년 출시해야 되는데, 큰신기술도입되는 모델들은 신기술의 오류들이 안잡혀서 당연히 어쩔수없이 잔고장...