Sunday, March 18, 2012

nadal cheats

you intentionally omit o in my name. it reminds me of nadals cheating of speating on clay court and erase the mark and say it's out and challenge on his serve being out when djoko made good return and fake injury times whenever lose by much to prepare excuses and interrupt other players rhythm and illegal coaching and delay the time too much between serve....enough explanation for you?

Friday, March 2, 2012

hater nadal fans

roger is the ugliest thing on earth... and mars!
Nadal is back bitches!!!!
Stupid rosol thinks he is better.
Nadal is the best
Feminine Roger Federer

nadal is arrogant

you want me to write all the 13 excuses of nadal? how can you call roger cocky when nadal give 13 excuses not only that he cheats numerous time....illigal coaching, spitting on clay to make it slow, erase the mark and call it out when it was in, fake injury times, fight players. I don't even have to say federer never done something like this but any other players woud never do even one of those in their entire career. nadal does the things that other players never do in their lives.

have you seen nadal calling hawk eye for his serve being out in austrailian open 2012? lol he is total disgrace to the sport....

he also fight with players(berdych, soderling)...

he scares ball girls by acting violently infront of ball girls...

illegal coaching

in austrailian open, when he lose to tsonga, he said what ranking is tsonga? see? total arrogance

he cheat by erasing the ball which was in saying it was out

fake medical times

gives excuse everytime he lose

spitting in the clay

I just skip it thinking nadal is just arrogant idiot, when nadal cheat, argue like lunatics when hawk eyes say it was in, make excuses about 10 times, time delay, fake injuries, fake medical time outs and cry when he lose like 2 times, act violently infront of ball girls so ball girls got scare avoiding him. but this video make me decide to make videos about arrogant nadal....

Stupid loader. Stupid people thinking that Roger Federer wanted to cheat. Nadal cheated against roger in wimbledon by saying the ball was out by waving his hand but nobody saws that. Stupid people who dont know a thing about tennis, just shut the fuck up and see that federer is way above any players in this planet.
Stupid loader, stupid video.

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