Saturday, April 20, 2013

when french people are dark latin people, why do americans have image of french people as being light people

French people are stereotyped as dark latin people in every other countries but I notice only american people has weird stereotype that french people are as light as them when they ovbiously never seen a french person in their life? why is this? is it because politically france helped US to be established? so they would like to think french people are same as them?

look at french football legends like mischel platini, tregeguet. look at movie star Jean Reno.

watch this dark latin french girl

watch this french gamer and interviewers

watch this french people

watch 3:15 from this video, he looks typical french

watch french normal soldiers here

look at french movie barrez-vous

finally look at blond map of europe and see france.

Additional Details

they are all ethnic french not muslim or north africans!
47 minutes ago
LMAO! the example I gave is not selected but randomly come across and given away Majority French people are dark latin type like above. only small part of northern ones are light. french people in paris are dark latin too. yeah I saw french descents in canada but weirdly they don't look like average french people. I guess northern american weird stereotype of french people being light come from canadian french who don't look nothing like average french people.

you need a more random example? I can just type any french singer in youtube and every videos has average dark latin french people in it. I don't really understand why do americans have exact opposite stereotype from rest of the world?………

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