Sunday, May 26, 2013


remember Roger suffered from mono virus in 2008 which shrunk all Roger's muscle which was visible, that he suddenly play crappy tennis with a lot weaker serves and weaker strokes and increased errors. you know how dominant Roger was before he got sick.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

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show us? typical ignorant nadal fan who don't even know anything about tennis. nadal's cheating is very well known that I don't need to show but only you don't know because you obviously dont even follow tennis if you don't know Nadal's numerous cheatings. same thing I don't feel like to show evidence when some ignorant person ask me for evidence for large chinese population but for you Go down below and read my comments. i listed over 20 nadal's cheating I withnessed, only I withnessed not all.

it's amazing how Nadal fans deny the fact for your hero Nadal. Roger Federer dominated tennis before he suddenly got sick but after he got sick from mono He could not dominated tennis anymore that nadal took advantage of. everybody knows Roger Federer suddenly played crap in 2008. his sickness is well evident in his significant performance drop.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

일본인은 충청남도의 후손

일 본인들 보면 엉뚱한 개그코드도 충청남도 사람이랑 빼다 박았고 착하고 상커풀있는 그 특유의 일본 여자 외모도 충청도 한씨(예 배우 한희)들의 외모와 빼다 박앗고, 음식을 비교적 심심하게 짜지 않고 맵지 않게 먹는 것도 충청도랑 빼다 박았고, 자신의 속마음을 숨기고 돌려 말하는 일본의 혼내 문화도 충청도의 속마음을 숨기고 돌려 말하는 문화와 완전 닮았다.

nice explanation of how le mans 24 car is relevant to production cars.

L0v0lup L0v0lup 10시간 전 I was wrong about the source of information. AutoBild is just publishing them, you was right. Seems like the rank...