Monday, December 29, 2014

developement describe

Sorry but you are too tribal. Human civilization had always been a gradual process. No body started everything from scratch. One civilization starts building the wall and other nations keep adding more bricks. This wall has no limits, it just keep rising and rising. They had to look at what had been done B4 them, and then improve it and build on it, and no more so than in the scientific fields. The Islamic civilization was instigated by the Arabs. Then other Muslims from other races joined in, and it became an Islamic civilization. The Arabs translated the Greek books and left no stone unturned to seek and develop knowledge from whatever source. The Arabs and their fellow Muslims looked at what was there B4 them, they kept what was useful and added more of their own and ignored the stuff that was proved 2B of no use. The European took over and did exactly what the Muslims did B4 them. Kept the good stuff and the rest is what we are witnessing now a Western civilization. Who is next to take over????

Music ?? Ask any enlightened Greek person and he/she will tell you. Please talk about history without your prejudices. Thanx.

Bilal Tariq

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