Saturday, January 17, 2015

arab music is greek music in progress

you are ingnorant....there is no such thing as "turkish music".....if you study Byzantine church music you will understand that music of the "east" (arab,persian,turkish,etc) is nothing alse but the byzantine music in progress.....and this is NOT "Ancient Greek Music"....there is no way to know how Ancient Greek Music was coz THERE IS NO KNOWED MUSIC SYSTEM FOUND IN ANY EXCAVATION......THE ONLY THING WE KNOW ITS THE NAMES OF THE SCALES THEY USED.....BUT WE DONT KNOW HOW THOSE SCALES SOUNDED LIKE......SO CUT THE BULLSHIT.....

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nadal is the most arrogant prick and nadal fans call him the most humble lol

most humble and gentle players give excuse everytime he lose and hit other players on the court just because he is losing and yell at umpire...