Monday, February 23, 2015

Greek people have black hair

#2549 Jan 9, 2014
Being to all 3 countries I would say I was surprised by the amount of fair people in southern spain, I would say they are the fairest of the 3 on average, Italians are sligthly darker on average but tend to have different facial features to the spanish. Whereas upon arriving in Athens I felt like I had arrived in the Middle East. You do see some fairer people but generally the populations features has similarities with the turkish/Lebanese. A lot of dishes were similar to those of the Middle East so I can understand the mix. The moors that did live in southern spain and Italy were forced out of those lands so I guess that's why I didn't see as much Arabic influence in the people of those countries.

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사람들의 무의식속에 스포츠에서 흑인 우월주의 백인 인종차별 사상이 자리박혀있다.

난 항상 로마첸코가 1위고 리곤데욱스가 2위라고 생각해왔거든....근데 리곤데욱스가 로마첸코보다 위이다 1위다 했던 사람들이 엄청 많았는데 그건 그냥 인종차별의 이유에서 아니냐?!? 경기 내용만봐도 로마첸코 복싱이 훨씬 다채롭고 둘다 올라운드이지만 풋...