Monday, February 9, 2015

Greeks made far more philosophies than Egyptians.

Greeks made far more(most in the history) philosophies which is far more complicated and far more music(most in the history) which is far more complicated(most in the history) which affected egyptians, arabs and europeans later, and music theories and math theories and drawing and sculture and architecture than egyptians. Greeks developed simple philosophy and math as complicated sysmatic studies that's what greece is credited for as the greatest civillization by far in the history not because it's the originators of those but originators of completed most complicated cultures. Greek built egypt so it's the first stage of greek civilization but It's in the primitive stage. math in today after greek civillization  is scholartic study of complicated concept and theories not reffered to as primitive way of measuring things and apply techniques. And current arab and egyptian cultures such as architecture, music, art and philosophies are all copied from greek cultures....

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사람들의 무의식속에 스포츠에서 흑인 우월주의 백인 인종차별 사상이 자리박혀있다.

난 항상 로마첸코가 1위고 리곤데욱스가 2위라고 생각해왔거든....근데 리곤데욱스가 로마첸코보다 위이다 1위다 했던 사람들이 엄청 많았는데 그건 그냥 인종차별의 이유에서 아니냐?!? 경기 내용만봐도 로마첸코 복싱이 훨씬 다채롭고 둘다 올라운드이지만 풋...