Monday, February 9, 2015

Greeks made far more philosophies than Egyptians.

Greeks made far more(most in the history) philosophies which is far more complicated and far more music(most in the history) which is far more complicated(most in the history) which affected egyptians, arabs and europeans later, and music theories and math theories and drawing and sculture and architecture than egyptians. Greeks developed simple philosophy and math as complicated sysmatic studies that's what greece is credited for as the greatest civillization by far in the history not because it's the originators of those but originators of completed most complicated cultures. Greek built egypt so it's the first stage of greek civilization but It's in the primitive stage. math in today after greek civillization  is scholartic study of complicated concept and theories not reffered to as primitive way of measuring things and apply techniques. And current arab and egyptian cultures such as architecture, music, art and philosophies are all copied from greek cultures....

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