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vietnamese genocide to cambodians

+justiceparfaite0009 read this vietnamese genocide to cambodians is considered even worse in cambodia than pol pot genocide to cambodians

The Cambridge History of China: The Ming dynasty, 1368-1644, Part 1 - Google Books

The fatal blow to Champa was dealt in 1471 when the Vietnamese decided to completely reduce the Kingdom of Champa through extermination. Tens of thousands of Cham were slaughtered in the invasion, taken into slavery and the capital was razed to the ground and burned in a genocide. The Cham population was permanently reduced to a low level of a few tens of thousands of people. Vietnamese colonists settled in Champa by the thousands and now Vietnamese are in the tens of millions in former Champa while the Cham are only around 200,000 in Vietnam today.

vietnamese killed 1,659,000 people in one of their genocides... vietnamese have murderer blood running in them...

Both North Vietnam and South Vietnam were involved in other wars and suffered rebellions of one-sort or another. In South Vietnam there was the suppression of various sects and their independent armies (line 219), rebellions of minorities (lines 222 to 223), the pre-Vietnam War communist inspired guerrilla war directed by North Vietnam from 1954 through 1959 (lines 227 and 228), and the incursion into Cambodia (line 239). For North Vietnam there was a severe local rebellion in 1957 (line 232); and the rebellion of S. Vietnamese against North Vietnam cadre and by National Liberation Front guerrillas after the Vietnam War (lines 233 to 235). And there was North Vietnam's war in Cambodia (lines 240 to 242), war in Laos (line 246), and war against China (lines 249 to 254). Totaling the consolidated estimates (line 258) and adding this to the other war-dead total gives an overall toll for the years 1945 to 1987 of 1,336,000 to 3,960,000, or a likely 2,509,000 Vietnamese (line 261). This was almost 7 percent of the mid-period population (line 867), or roughly one out of fourteen people

 Perhaps of all countries, democide in Vietnam and by Vietnamese is most difficult to unravel and assess. It is mixed in with six wars spanning 43 years (the Indochina War, Vietnam War, Cambodian War, subsequent guerrilla war in Cambodia, guerrilla war in Laos, and Sino-Vietnamese War), one of them involving the United States; a near twenty-one year formal division of the country into two sovereign North and South parts; the full communization of the North; occupation of neighboring countries by both North and South; defeat, absorption, and communization of the South; and the massive flight by sea of Vietnamese. As best as I can determine, through all this close to 3,800,000 Vietnamese lost their lives from political violence, or near one out of every ten men, women, and children.1 Of these, about 1,250,000, or near a third of those killed, were murdered.

and I am not even talking about it...I am talking about the vietnamese genocide to khmer in khmer empire. you see current mid and south vietnam was not vietnam but was part of khmer nation but vietnamese invaded khmer territory and they killed almost every khmer and chams livin there...It was the worst genocide ever in the history...2nd worst genocide is vietnamese genocide to cambodian people....vietnamese commited genocide not once or two, they have commited so many times...It's well known history and cambodian and to those concerened...I might think vietnamese genocides to cambodian people is not as popular because it's not talked about by mass population as hitler or japanese genocide but you demanding evidence and calling historical facts emotion theory instead of inquiring about it come across to me as arrogant....I understand you don't know vietnamese genocide but just because you don't know doesn't mean you can't call everything you don't know as emotion theory and proof less...that's like me calling nazi genocide is emotion theory and proof less just because I don't know?!?

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