Wednesday, November 25, 2015

blackcentrists are stupid and low iq

why can't they understand africa is originally refered to north and east africans only who are greek race as europe only refered to greece originally and asia only refered to west asian which is greek race...europe, asia, africa are greek words that originally refered to greek race in different originally mean land in the south of greek race people...they are confusing contemporary ignorance of american people as a modern standard  and with centric americans are fabricate american ignorance as a modern standard when they know it's ignorance,such as that they caucausoid means only white people and white people are only germanic people that they see in the US and everybody else is not caucasoid thus we can claim greek race as black because germanicentrist even call them thinks south africans are black because they might have 2 percent of subsaharan african blood, thus all south americans are black because of assumingly they might have 2 percent of black blood and they appear as certain greek race(because in reality south africans are offspring of greek race), thus south americans are black and they have greek face, so greek face is to them is result of mixing blood between germanic white and black, so greek face should just be considered black even though greek face look different to themselves cause it looks good eventhough me black is ugly, it's good for me for them to be and when they see greek race, why do they look hispanic eventhough hispanic looks greek race because hispanics are the offspring of greek blood in iberia...oh hispanic black so you greek race is all black cause you look like hispanic...wew this black americans so stupid and ignorant as well as other races in america all think in same mentality...all americans are extremly stupid...not all american but almost all people now who follow american ignorance as standard are stupid...except for maker of this video, smart person....they don't even realize american standard is ignorance of american people who have no idea, like oh north africa and east are in africa so africa is land of black, and black americans of course are all ignorant like this...oh we are from is our land....all africa is mine...egypt is in africa...why do TV potrait them as white?!? when they see greek race people, they look white but different thus they are mixture white and black...white and black were the only race on earth and every other races are just mixture of white and black......american people so americans even more stupid because they even studied to support american ignorance of mediterranean history and try to oppose to foreign people that knows basic that meditteranean people are seperate greek race, and they found out they were absurd but still obstinately fabricate what they learn to fit what they learn to absurd american ignorance, and regard american ignorance as 'modern standard' lol and keep denying denying what they learn and fabricate fabricate to fit the reality into american ignorance that they are proud of and love....they actually love american people's ignorance.....oh if someone has this facial feature, it's from germanic white and it's from black sub saharan african...why can't they understand there is greek race(mediterranean race) that established greatest civillizations in the can people not realize the idea that originally there were only germanic white people and black people on this earth, so every other races are mixture between them....I never think this way before so I can't understand stupid americans who have this kind of mentality...I just recently understand their idiotic mentality while arguing with them....what blackcentrists do is as they study more, they interprets new facts they get to know to fit into their ignorance....they originally think egyptians should look like themselves negroid, and they found out they look greek race, they were shock, but later got obstinate and adds absurd explanation of their absurd theory like greek race is one of negroid kind of it's mixture between black and people are abstinate and stupid low iq all stems from germanicentric thinking also...when you see germanic americans, they think same to black american, and sad thing is american ignorance really became modern standard because bad american influence and their ignorant point of view is spreading(or already spreaded) to the whole world....many people are already so germanic white and black centric in their thinking on many countries, that they cannot recognize greek race..that's why your videos are gem and extremely important in this point....

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