Friday, May 13, 2016

nadal is the luckiest player in tennis history that his master federer suddenly got ill

it's great arrogant mononucleusis benefector nadal lose again...I don't want to see Nadal taking advantage of Federer's illness any more....Nadal should never win anything like when Federer was healthy...I heared nadal again made complain about tennis environment this time again...what a arrogant satanic nadal is...:-) and his immature fans make again multiple accounts to dislike wonder why people hate Nadal!!!

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벤츠 bmw 아우디는 고장이없다.

뭔 가르쳐주는 사람한테 공부를하래...전 벤츠 BMw 잔고장없이 잘탑니다...독일 럭셔리 시장은 차를 금방 바꾸는 부자들을 위해 신기술을 갖춘 차모델을 매년 출시해야 되는데, 큰신기술도입되는 모델들은 신기술의 오류들이 안잡혀서 당연히 어쩔수없이 잔고장...