Wednesday, June 1, 2016

sadly greek music is now known as middle eastern music comment

because we learn in highschool history class arabs took greek cultures such as greek art, greek architecture, greek phylosophy, greek music, greek math, greek medicine, greek science etc etc....this particular greek scale(Πυθαγόρεια κλίμακα), from which the melody is from, was invented by pythagoras in hellenic period and spreaded to middle east....middle easterners call Πυθαγόρεια κλίμακα  haqaam in arabic language now....sadly, people around the world think these greek melodies invented by pythagoras in hellenic period are arabic melodies since they contacted greek music from middle easterners....real inventors various greek musicians and pythagoras are discredited for their creation and middle easterners are credited for creating greek melodies...

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