Wednesday, October 18, 2017

nadal is the most arrogant prick and nadal fans call him the most humble lol

most humble and gentle players give excuse everytime he lose and hit other players on the court just because he is losing and yell at umpire because umpire gave him fair penalty for his cheating and cheat on tennis match and have argue with other players and make other players angry by doing cheat and interrupt their play intentionally and whine about conditions not suiting him and actually make corrupt tennis organization banned the umpire who gave him penalty by whining about him to corrupt tennis organization?!?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

nadal's prime is basically his all career unlike what delusional nadal fans try to make him to be like federer

nadal prime is not that good..nadal is famous for having no up and down in his games, always play the same level because of his extreme defensive play style that's the best at having no apparent up and downs while peak performance is much low level due to his lack of talent....he has been prime basically all his career..nadal is the longest prime player ever....but his absolute peak is 2006-2007 where he has fresh body to sacrifice for his stupid defensive body sacrificing tennis...this is nadal's prime also....

Sunday, October 15, 2017

nadal's achievements=mononucleosis virus achievements

but nadal could not beat healthy federer...nadal achievements=mononucleosis virus achievement....also being best in clay court where there is no competition at all doesn't make you the best but you have to be best at overall courts like federer....also it's true clay court favors inferior athletes more by reducing the speed of the superior players...that's why wimbledon is the most important slam of all...

prime nadal can't handle healthy federer

part1:prime nadal can't handle healthy federer part2:nadal beat mononucleosis ill and old federer all the time until federer changes to the superior big racquet

nadal is extremely lucky federer got sudden illness of mononucleosis virus since 2008

federer weakened by mononucleosis virus and 36 year old and still beat nadal in his prime after racquet change....nadal is extremely lucky federer got sudden illness of mononucleosis virus since 2008....nadal could not win anything when federer was

페더러가 나달보다 한수위의 선수이다.

개소리하네 페더러가 더좋은 라켓으로 바꾸고나서 나달한테 계속이기는거야 나달은 전성기실력이고, 페더러는 모노누클레오시스 바이러스로 아프고 기량이 원래 기량의 50퍼센트도 안되고 36살이나 먹었는데도....한마디로 페더러가 나달보다 훨씬 실력이 좋은거지....

나달은 페더러의 밥이다.

나달은 페더러 밥이지 페더러 나달 둘다 전성기였을땐 페더러가 5-2로 나달 압도했고, 2008년도에 갑자기 모노누클레오시스 바이러스로 페더러가 아픈후에는, 나달이 페더러가 아픈틈을 이용해서 우승하고, 아픈 페더러 이기는건 아무 의미없지.... 지금 모노 바이러스로 전성기때 반의기량도없고 36살이나먹은 페더러한테 페더러가 더 좋고 큰 라켓으로 바꾸자마자 전성기 나달을 그냥 상대전적 5-0으로 갖고놈....페더러가 아플때 나달이 많이 이겨서 전체전적은 나달이 더좋지만, 페더러가 아프기전 둘다 전성기일땐 페더러가 상대전적 나달 압도함.

even ill and 36 year old and 3 setter much more tired less resting federer beat prime fresh nadal

here comes retard nadal fan ridiculous tired excuse all the time to intentionally annoy people lol.....lucky nadal has been extremely lucky to win slams and tournaments after federer got ill from mononucleosis virus since 2008....nadal could not win anything when federer was ever since he changed his racquet, even ill and 36 year old and 3 setter much more tired less resting federer beat prime fresh nadal....nadal is nothing for federer....2017-10-15

Saturday, October 14, 2017

age doesn't affect nadal not even half it affects federer

shut up you retard nadal fan stop lying you are a federer fan....remove that federer's illness is nadal's improvement tennis fan ever lie like that nonsense retard nadal fans..everybody knows federer hasn't been half of himself ever since he got the illness of mononucleosis virus in 2008..if you still want to lie like that retard, bring up record before mononucleosis virus and after, retard nadal fans stop trying to spread lie bullshit...!!! you are totally fit, cause you are retard nadal fan...look what happened to players that have mononucleosis virus like ancic, soderling, roddick, they ALL RETIRED...!!! federer has been playing with 50 percent of his form from mononucleosis virus, have some respect you retard lunatic nadal fan instead of lying to worship should say it's fortunate for nadal because of federer's illness he could win some slams that he would never won when federer was healthy but i am sorry for federer's illness...that's what real humans can say not your beast satanic cult like nadal fan community....

nadal fans are beast satanic people that spreads lie to worship nadal

shut up you retard nadal fan stop lying you are a federer tennis fan ever lie like that nonsense retard nadal fans....if you still want to lie like that retard, bring up record before mononucleosis virus and after, retard nadal fans stop trying to spread lie bullshit...!!! you are totally fit, cause you are retard nadal fan...look what happened to players that have mononucleosis virus like ancic, soderling, roddick, they RETIRED...!!! federer has been playing with 50 percent of his form from mononucleosis virus, have some respect you retard lunatic nadal fan instead of lying to worship should say it's fortunate for nadal because of federer's illness he could win some slams that he would never won when federer was healthy but i am sorry for federer's illness...that's what real humans can say not your beast satanic cult like nadal fan community....

Thursday, October 12, 2017

cheap price with good quality makes americans happy that americans just say too proudly that bottom class japanese products are the best absurdly.

+Perksie81 okay i never argued with that but you cant argue that highest quality and highest craftsmanship and highest techniques of chrono maestro is swiss watch such as vacheron constantine and patek philippes....also there are some japanese watch that are as good quality as swiss but generally japanese watch brands are bottom of bottom(don't take offense, it's true that every watch affecionados know but it seems americans always argue or say against already well established orders and facts)...there are so many watch companies that are above in order than japanese watch companies... that's why i am having trouble and get uncomfortable....okay when i talk to them, they are like emphasizing for cheaper money, you can get a good quality, it's true but they don't express it like this but say directly japanese is the king and japanese is better than swiss.....why do they just say like this?!? are they trying to be extremely self centered and express it pridefully so it's strong that other people get it more strong?!? in my opinion, americans should not express it like that and say as it is, cheap price good quality, okay just because you are so happy that you get cheap price and good quality doesn't mean you can just say oh my japan, i am so happy, japan is the best....because sentence is wrong that i am confused and argue with them with normal facts and when they express cheap price and good quality as the best to them in their opinion, they should not argue back but they argue back against normal facts intensely, i get confused on weather they really mean it or not....

so stupid americans gotta make those smart rich people buying expensive swiss watches stupid

okay you are deliberately lying one is expensive not cheap.....common sense....according to you japanese watch is the most expensive one...?!? i am not a swiss praising zombie because it's the fact swiss watches are the best... price prove that simple and good..are you saying that all people who buy expensive swiss watches are stupid?!?..yes i can see that americans really hold that rich people are stupid and poor lazy americans are the smart one because they can't afford to buy swiss watches and feel jealous?!? so stupid americans gotta make those smart rich people buying expensive swiss watches are stupid.... stop disrespecting swiss chrono maestros like that...they really deserve people;s most respect and praise for their highest artisanship and you know how hard it is to make swiss watch?!? they are the hardest things to make in the world...

stupid americans are so arrogant that what they assume is must be true without knowing other parts of the world

99 percent lexus sales is solely from america and nobody buys lexus in other countries but everybody buys benz bmw and audi....not even japanese people buy lexus but buy benz bmw audi....hahaha....almost all of my friends are japanese and they own porsche benz etc never seen them buying lexus because japanese people are smart they know lexus is not even luxury car engineering level, with slow speed, unreliable, bad handling, bad breaking and shake horribly at even highway speed....are u going to flip this fact again and say lie?!? lol if you think that i am bullshit know the fact 80 percent of luxury cars sales globally is german car...ob and u will say i an making bullshit up without knowing normal facts everybody knows....i dont know what to do to stupid americans who are completely ignorant about watches and cars and dont even know basic facts and extremely japan fanboy that every facts against their fantasy is lying

you are so delusional that normal facts everybody knows is felt like bullshit and something that i made up...sigh....typical stupid delusional american who are so arrogant that what they assume is must be truth without knowing other parts of the world....

japanese fanboyism of americans are so strong that americans are lying that they have been to other countries before and try to make their assuming of other countries as same as america sound like true

lol you never been to foreign countries...if u have, you would know u cannot see japanese cars in asia, south america, stupid american poors say the same assuming over and over without knowing the basic fact...other people laugh at you guys....i cannot count how many i have met these stupid american delusions in internet comments...really?!? american japanese fanboyism is that much strong that you try to lie that you been to other countries and make it sound like true what you delusional  stupid american assuming about other countries might be about same as america

stupid americans say anthropological facts are american racial stereotype and american racial stereotype is anthropological facts by calling it modern standard(modern basically means bullshit american wrong standard as if they can force it as facts and they brainwash this word modern as a good thing)

you are stupid go by alone and want everybody follow you think you are being objective but i am see so many of you stupid americans in the internet, all they try to do is resented by anthropology facts because it's completely opposite of american bullshit they are brainwashed their whole life and now instead of changing their opinion, some stupid americans try to make american bullshit stereotype as sounding like some kind of scholar study to resent the anthropological facts lol....americans are stupid and obstinate as mule....they even try to say anthropological facts are american stereotype and bullshit american stereotype is anthropology as they can see people resent stupid american racial stereotype...

volkswagen, alfa romeo, renault, peugeott cars are superior cars that are the most reliable, the fastest, the best handling, the best breaking and best stability at high speed

japanese cars are just unreliable overpriced and kia is cheaper and more reliable than japanese cars....americans mechanics are ignorant bunches even more than regular americans....ask mechanics in other countries, they would all tell you go for volkswagen, alfa romeo, renault, peugeott.....those cars are superior cars that are the most reliable, the fastest, the best handling, the best breaking and best stability at high speed....that's why in major racings, italian, german and french cars win all the time....

japanese cars are known as c class engineering and stupid americans are so delusional that they think japanese cars are top cars

what?!? you kidding me?!? this stupid americans now deliberately lie that they love so much japanese cars....citroen and peugeot beat all japanese cars so many times that japanese have no choice but withdraw....this americans are so delusional about japanese cars that they think mediocre engineering japanese cars can beat french and german and italian cars lol....and when citroen and peugeot beat japanese cars so many years straight, they are so delusional that japanese cars must have not been there..fanboyism at its best.....japanese cars are known as c class engineering in the world but this stupid americans don't know anything about cars that they think japanese cars are top japanese cars stand no chance in real competition against french, german, italian cars....

anglo saxons are mindless cheap mediocre japanese products worshiper that nobody buys in other countires

lol stupid austrailian....another stupid americans who delusionaly think japanese cars are popular lol...these americans are bunch of brainwashed retards that says opposite of facts known to the buys japanese cars except for you stupid anglo saxons because its unreliable, bad handling, bad breaking and ....i notice these anglo saxons are mindless cheap mediocre japanese products worshiper that nobody buys in other countries and leave ridiculous comments on everywhere in internet....notice how i know you are anglo saxon idiot lol...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

stupid american only knows japanese stuff which are less important and completely ignorant about european products which are considered the first class

innovation in watch became obsolete and irrelevant....there was very short time in 80s when everybody was fascinated by quartz as new technology, that did not last long, nowadays people are fascinated by artisanship and craftsmanship of swiss traditional mechanical watch, traditional mechanical watch is the best watch in the history every though new technologies introduced because, new technologies makes watches with very simple design and traditional mechanical watches involves very complicated engineering....that's why japanese come up with something like spring drive which has no point. you know spring drive do you know names of swiss movements which are far more important...?!? zis is stupid americans and stupid british, they only know japanese stuff which are less important to know and completely ignorant about european products which are considered the 1st class products.... also no one buys japanese watches and everybody buys swiss quartz watches...

making mechanical watch is infinately more harder than making quartz watch and no one can match it to swiss and germans watch movements are the most accurate movements and stupid americans and stupid british don't even know the basic facts about watches and cars and just hater to european products and blind lover to japanese products

you are like stupid american or stupid anglo saxon same comments over and over in the internet who say opposite of the normal facts people in other countries know... I am saying swiss movements are more accurate and has more precision than japanese watch movements not saying that mechanical watch is more precise than quartz which is impossible.....making mechanical watch is infinately more harder than making quartz watch and no one can match it to swiss and germans chronomasters...and they make it the by far the most accurate mechanic watch which is infinitely much harder to achieve than in quartz watch. this is very basic that even watch noobs know and when I see stupid american who try to pretend like he knows have no basic knowledge at all...they are empty and they talk shit the whole aspects of watch without even having interested in knowing about guys are just blind hater and generalizer.... you are talking about atomic clock and new technology..are you stupid..?!? swiss german progress none...they stick to the best watch which is the traditional mechanical watch...those short days that people are surprised by new technology in watch are long no one wants simple quartz watches but everybody wants to have beautiful mechanical watches that involves the highest craftsmanship and most complicated engineering and state of art which are lacking in quartz watchs.... seiko is known for giving fine accuracy for a lot cheaper price....tissot, omega, zeno, victorinox etc are the most accurate one with expensive price tag....they aren't expensive for no reason....even budge swiss watches like tissot are more accurate than highest end seiko out of the box check their p/d spec....and you use some phrase like don't fight with spoon to gun?!? hahahahaha zis stupid americans and stupid anglo saxon have no basic knowledge in anything but just blidly want to praise japanese products and seem to try to make ridiculous stupid anglosaxon stereotype, japanese is really advanced without knowing anything....people are laughing at you guys lol....japanese products are like chinese products compared to european products, copy and sell it cheap but okay products with expensive price is european products not japanese products but you stupid anglosaxon leave comments everywhere saying opposite things without knowing anything which makes me jaw dropped and speechless....

Sunday, October 8, 2017

egyptians taught greek students and later learned from greek professor and replaced egyptian cultures with greek cultures

you are stupid to try to dishonor greatest figures in the history who gave you the greek civilization lol...socrates and aristotle taught greek philosophy to egyptians and homer taught egyptians literature and history, they were before greece conquered egypt and started influencing each other directly.... stupid man.....pythagoras and plato was a student in egypt and learned simple fact of triangle in egypt when he was young and student and later invented math and trigonometry and made the simple fact into extremely complicated scholastic math by proving them and when he became professor and taught egyptians.....egypt affect in some areas in beginning stage of hellenistic civilization but greek developed it and have already invented much better new stuff much more than egyptians, and egyptians accepted greek cultures and replace egyptian cultures with greek cultures later that until now egyptian share greek art, greek music, greek architecture, greek philosophy, greek language, greek astrology, greek medicine and greek law, greek math, greek science, greek foods etc greek civillization influenced much more on egypt(basically every egyptian cultures) later than egyptian civillization influenced greek civillization on small number of things in the beginning stage....greece is not called the greatest civilization in the history with no's basic history all learned in high school history class and you slept in the class and got F.....why greek and egyptian exchanged their cultures, because they are same greek race, same people share their cultures to each others.....okay east africans are also greek race but their skin color is darker than greek and egyptians because they live in hotter climate.....

Friday, October 6, 2017

stupid anglosaxon now see technologies as bad thing and unreliable just to mindless praise cheap low quality copy cat japanese products

hahaha no japanese wait for new german technology to be settled for the error by germans and when it settled it they copy it..the reason german keeps inventing cool technologies and implement even though it will lower the reliability is because rich people want the most latest stuff on the best cars that make their cars different from ordinary cars that poor people drive and they care much less about reliability because they change cars frequently anyways and smart rich people know new technologies will lower reliability because they are smart unlike you stupid poor anglo saxon propaganda machine if japanese and chinese car put luxury stuff inside, would rich people buy it?!? no way rich people want the luxury stuff inside of the best car because rich people want the best of the every rich people buy german cars...and jealous poor stupid anglo saxon like you call it over priced and all kinds of shit talking while rich people laugh you off while driving inside of benz, bmw and audi lol...japanese know that they cannot compete with germans so they just focus on reliability and cheaper price for second market in america where stupid people live and buy their stuff so japanese people can leech of off stupid americans lol.....japanese people are smart business people with much less engineering...that's what japanese products about 2nd class products but cheaper and focus on something they can afford while they can't compete head to head, smart japanese praising machine stupid anglo saxons just say all kinds of lies mindlessly to just spew it lol....germans invent technologies not unreliable stupid anglo saxon are now bashing technology as unreliable and bad thing for your blind cheap low quality copy cat japanese product prasing lol....every new technologies are unreliable because it needs time to be settled for the errors....what's amazing about german craftmanships, engineering and innovation is that german cars with new technologies is still more reliable than japanese cars that uses old german technologies and old german engineering due to superior german craftsmanship and superior german engineering...zis is the real german craftsmanship!!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

apple watch is nothing more than electronic toy

that's stupid man stop disrespecting patek philippe with your stupid american way of watch is nothing more than electronic toy compared to this....patek philippe is state of art and highest craftsmanship and epitomy of complexity think rare makes the value in the theory but craftsmanship, art, value makes rare in the real world....

stupid americans do not see things industrial centric perspective

it's expensive because it has artistic value and is hardest thing to make...okay watch is already mass produced....those are not same watch as this...i think roll royce comparison is off because patek philppe has the artistic only see things in industrial perspective which is your major, that is really ignorant thing to do....

americans or other anglo saxon countries people are like zombies who are programmed to bash traditional stuff or established order and to blindly praise modern and japanese

lol do you even know about wrc?!? also racing car requires maximum reliability of maximum engineering capability of each companies....I just fought with you stupid american and anglosaxon zomebies today already 4 times zis is the 5 times because they try to go against order just to glorify cheap junk japanese products over highest value european everybody knows japanese watch is in last tier but zis idiot americans and english zombies absurdly say japanese watch is better than swiss watch lol....see how i know your nationality right away...japanese products is like chinese products to european products, copying, make low quality, sell it cheap....i never seen these stupid people like anglosaxon countries lol....and one stupid american zombie said today to me making a computer mother board is harder than making a mechanical watch lol....these anglosaxon people are serious retarded man...hahaha they are like zomebies who are programmed to bash traditional stuff or established orders and to blindly praise modern and japanese....

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

expression: mechanical watch is infinately more complicated to make than anything else in this world.

mechanical watch is infinately more complicated to make than anything else in this world.

stupid ignorant americans are european bashing and japanese praising zombies

stupid poor american who know nothing about cars and watches....benz, bmw, audi are best and fastest speed, best reliable, best handling, best braking and best stability in high dont even have luxury engineering, slow, bad handling, bad break, bad reliability and shake horribly at even highway nobody buys lexus except for stupid americans and everybody in every countries buy benz bmw audi...seiko is considered bottom of the bottom in watches...patek philippe is the highest order of 13 classes....seiko is bottom 13 class....and zis stupid americans bottom 13 level to top 1 level lol....Do you know how artistic, craftmanship, expensive patek philippe is?!? lol nobody buys seiko even if they sell their crap watches cheap....i notice zis stupid americans or anglo saxons are european countries bashing and japanese praising zombies.....japanese products are similar to chinese products when compared to european countries products, copying, low quality and sell it cheap and stupid americans say nonsense that everybody laugh at lol...

백건우 베토벤 비창2악장(Beethoven Pathetique sonata-II-Kun woo Paik)

이 연주를 들으니 가슴이 뻥 뚫리네요....정말 아름답고 서정적인 감성으로 연주됐습니다....

ancient palestinians came from greeks and modern palestinians have the greek DNA proving them they are descendants of ancient palestinians

what do you mean palestinians share DNA with people from the levantine so they have a lot to do with ancient palestine?!? vin russo is saying origin of philistines are from greek mycenaean....fact: modern palestinians share DNA with greek so that proves they are descendants of ancient palestinians....if modern palestinians share DNA with levantins like you said, that's what vin russo basically says; modern palestinians are not real palestininans but jordanian refuges....

spanish and portuguese people are greek and roman descendants and don't have north african blood. and middle easterners(north africans/west asians) are also descendants of greek....

yeah north africans are greek descendants too....and north africa is middle east....spanish and portuguese people are descendants of mostly romans and catalonians and other mediterranean coastal spanish cities are descendants of greeks....they don't have north african, west asians blood because they did not even mix with them in muslim empire due to catholic and muslims were forbidden each other to marry each other and all expelled back to north africa in inquisition...also north africans/west asians share greek cultures now such as greek art, greek architecture, greek music, greek musical instruments, greek philosophy, greek law, greek science, greek language greek math, greek medicine, greek astrology, greek foods ever since they were hellenized after alexandros general conqured them.... .zis history also proved by dna science....north africans and west asians are greek descendants as spanish people so they look similar appearance which you are confused about....

stupid americans(or other anglo saxon country men) always try to politically make cheap low craftsmanship, low engineering japanese stuff(such as watches, cars, machines, carnies calipers, lens) sound like as about same class as european countries' products

typical stupid political japanese praising and european countries bashing robot american who try to politically make cheap low craftsmaship japanese stuff sound like as about same class as european countries products without knowing anything about watches when seiko is the bottom of the bottom at watch class....seiko mechanical watch is considered bottom in watch body buys seiko watches also even though its cheap....that's like saying chinese stuff is same class as japanese stuff and there are much more gaps between european watches and japanese watches than there is a gap between japanese watches and chinese watches....

Monday, October 2, 2017

anglo saxons are gone insane to be a japanese praising and german, swiss, italia bashing machine

japanese copy german cars from the start until now....from engineering, technology, dont know anything about car you stupid anglosaxon who have gone insane to be a japanese praising machine.....japanese cars are unreliable crap and german italian, french cars are reliable kings...

german and swiss have the most accurate vernier caliper making craftsmanship level from watch making which is essential to make car part at the most precise measurement

ou sound like typical brainwashed stupid americans....current japanese car aren't even as reliable as old german cars in 70s....also japanese reliability comes from slow speed of the car and using simple old german engineering not that they have great engineering for reliability like german, italian and french said performance Do you even know what engineering is?!?...performance= engineering level okay for you simpleton to understand?!? also germans way ahead in handmaking meticulous metal part making that machines cannot do than japanese and german and swiss have the most accurate vernier caliper making craftsmanship level from watch making which is essential to make car part at the most precise measurement...germans are simply the best at engineering, craftsmanship, technologies.....

Sunday, October 1, 2017

german cars have the best performance, best handling, best braking, best reliability, best stability at high speed

stupid american has the best reliability and honda has horrible has the best performance, best handling, best braking, best reliability, best stability at high has the bad performance, horrible handling, horrible braking, bad reliability and shake horribly even at highway speed....nobody buys honda or japanese cars except for stupid americans....japanese cars never beaten german cars in le mans 24 before.....huge engineering gap....

stupid americans who know nothing about cars

stupid poor american again who know zero about cars..... only stupid americans say has shit reliability, bad handling, bad brake, shake horribly at highway speed....  nobody in any countries buy toyota only stupid americans who know nothing about cars buy toyota and everybody in every countries buy americans never get out of foreign countries and always assume things popular in your countries would be same popular in other countries typical stupid american....everybody knows germans have the most advanced engineering and technologies and you stupid americans said exact opposite thing of the you know japanese cars always copy german cars from the start?!? and you said volkswagen use old engine and outdated what?!? lol its toyota that uses old simple german engineering to keep optimal for reliability and start copying old german technologies after error for the technologies settled to is now better car than toyota and honda so they will sell more in the you even know what is f1, le mans24, nurburgring 24 and wrc are?!?

japanese car company has the great engineering to make a car that requires least engineering.

japanese car company has the great engineering to make a car that requires least engineering.

일본차는 기술이 가장 필요가 없는 차를만들어 비지니스를 하는 기술이좋다.

일본차는 기술이 가장 필요가 없는 차를만들어 비지니스를 하는 기술이좋다.

patek philippe and vacheron constantin is the kind of watch you put in the glass box and keep and to look at as a piece of art

yes good figurative language....patek philippe and vacheron constantin are state of art.....It's the kind of watch you put in the glass box and keep and to look at as a piece of art.....state of art and extremely hard to make...

mechanical watch is extremely hard to make and quartz watch is easy to make

I don't know where did you come up with lag far behing....that's a retard statement.making a rolex watch takes one year and rolex has the one of the best craftsmanship among watch companies.....innovate?!? if you referred to a quartz watch, a mechanical watch requires incomparably far far more craftsmanship than quartz watch which is far easier to make that mechanical watches....people on internet(i assume they are americans) these days lack common sense....making a quartz watch easy but making a mechanical watch is extremely complicated and is a state of art so mechanical watch is very expensive while quartz watch is very cheap.....also rolex is an artistic watch which means it has the best craftsmanship....

Saturday, September 30, 2017

4 of the safest car are volvo, benz, bmw and audi and lexus is very unsafe car that if you drive it you have a very high chance to die in a car accident.

stupid american doesn't even have engineering level to build a luxury car because they can only build a slow, bad handling, unreliable and shake horribly even at highway speed..oh and about safety, volvo is always rated as the safest car and 2nd is benz and 3rd always come bmw and 4th always comes audi and lexus is always coming bottom like 10th or 9th?!? lexus is very unsafe car that if you drive it you have very high chance of dying....  and that article claims lexus is safe?!? hahaha that is nonsense.....and stupid american seem to love it because they are racist and love japanese....nobody buys that shitty japanese cars except for stupid racist americans and write fake articles about it being the winner you even know major racings like f-1, le mans 24, nurburgring 24, wrc?!? you don't even like car or know about it, saying nonsensical stuff.... german cars is the best engineering with italian, and second class is french cars and japanese car is in mediocre level engineering saying japanese car is better than german car is like saying chinese car is better than japanese car lol....

Friday, September 29, 2017

sales of lexus is virtually 0 in every countries except for stupid americans and sales of benz, bmw, audi and volvo is virtually 98 percent in every countries.

except for stupid americans who know nothing about cars, nobody buys lexus that is not even luxury level engineering, slow, bad handling and shake horribly at highway speed and do not even have luxury brand company to make luxury interior...just because you throw luxurious materior inside cheap bad japanese car make it luxury car...everybuy buys benz, bmw and audi and volvo...benz has the best engineering by far as they dominate f1 now with ease as soon as they enter f1....
98 percent lexus sales is from solely from the US..sales of lexus in every countries in the world, is virtually 0 and sales of benz, bmw and audi are virtually 95 percent in every countries.....even in japan, nobody buys lexus but buy benz bmw audi because japanese people are smart and they know lexus is not worth money as they know toyota doesn't even have the engineering level to build a luxury middle east everybody buys benz, bmw and audi and no one buys japanese south america same, in north africa everybody buys benz, bmw, aud and no one buys japanese cars....nigiria is a poor country that cannot even afford a cheap small car, its a irrelevant country...stupid americans only one who buys lexus, benz and bmw still outsell lexus in the US but stupid americans buy lexus in good numbers unlike everybody else because they have no idea about cars....It's basic common sense in a car, japanese doesn't have engineering level to build very stable cars as german, italian, shake horribly at highways speed compared to benz, bmw, audi and volvo...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

japanese people thank greek people giving them greek cultures and to the whole nations

I don't understand this kind of collective lefty mentality of chinese and koreans....also you kind of people who bash white people never bash black people when they are the real enemy in the US in real lives, black people are evil people when white people are all kind and respectful people in real lives.....chinese and koreans are the same animals to blacks, same behavior and same looking....I and japanese people at least thank greek people for giving greek cultures to the whole world....japanese people respect people from european countries and thank european people for giving them greek and european country cultures to them....japanese people =good respectful quality people....and japanese people, southeast asian look similar to europeans...

luxury cars has to be complex design which is much harder to keep the reliability while keeping the reliability as much as possible. that's why german luxury cars are the best.

BMW is higher class and for more rich people….and lexus is for relatively poor americans….also lexus use old simple german technology to keep the car easier… engineering level makes the car more value and more expensive….also those who say over engineering need to understand this is not the cheap car segment, of course simpler the design, much less problem, but it’s luxury segment where rich people want all of advanced stuff which is much harder to keep the reliability, rich people want all of advanced engineering, performance, handling while keeping reliability as high as possible…germans have the best engineering to build the best cars that’s why they are expensive….japanese don’t have engineering level to make complicated engineering car and to keep the reliability great as german car companies even if we assume that they can make complex engineering cars….

Thursday, September 21, 2017

basic history of how greek cultures spread to north africa and west asia and rome

you have no basic knowledge of roman history that is taught in middle school history class and how greek cultures were spreaded to west asia and north africa.....stupid...rome was all greek said arab....west asia and north africa all have been having greek cultures, greek art, greek music, greek architecture, greek city, greek philosophy, greek math, greek law, greek language etc etc since the great alexandros conquered them and spreaded hellenic cultures to middle east...they were all part of greek empire until right before romans conquered middle east, when romans conquered middle east, they all were hellenized and had greek cultures so romans also learned hellenistic cultures from greek empire even though roman themselves are descendants of greek, since they were seperate from mainland greeks they did not have new hellenic cultures but just pre- hellenic greek cultures which were replaced by new hellenic cultures in greece and greek empire(which includes middle east) and became hellenistic cultures...even arab empire and current arabs have all greek cultures until now, even they eat ancient greek foods like kebab and baklava.....celts were slaves of romans and is not part of roman culture,,,just they were conquered by romans and they were adopting little part of roman cultures which are basically greek cultures not other way around.... Do you know about renaissance?!? renaissance is about returning to greek cultures and greek knowledge....leonardo da vinci, michelangelo were great people who learned greek cultures well after rome was destroyed by germanic barbarians and all greek cultures that they had in rome were all lost in italian penninsula.....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

악성 미국스포츠 숭배자들 특징

복싱팬이 아니라 골로프킨이 미국흑인이 아니닌깐 욕하고 무조건 아래로 보려고하는 전형적인 조센징 악성 미국스포츠숭배자들이네...

이놈들은 인종차별주의자이고, 미국을 무조건 우러러보는것들이고 악성종자들이고, 골로프킨에게 편파판정을한 여자와 다를빠가 없는놈들임...

골로프킨이 메이웨더보다 더 위대한 이유

메이웨더팬들이 골로프킨이 무패닌깐 붙었던 상대로 까는데 솔직히 말해서 메이웨더가 싸운 복서들중 라이트헤비급 체급까지 감안해서 제이콥스보다 잘했던 복서는 파퀴아오, 델라호야 빼고 없음 근데 그 델라호야 파퀴아오는 전성기 한참 다지났던 상대임...그리고 둘다 편파판정으로 이김....메이웨더가 승수는 더많지만 경기는 거의대부분 12라운드까지 가는 경기력, 골로프킨은 6라운드안에 KO로 거의다 박살냄...그리고 실제로 붙으면 골로프킨이 메이웨더 엄청난 파워로 갖고놈, 메이웨더도 골로프킨 무서워서 도망다니다 사람들의 압박이 심해지자 골로프킨한테 쳐맞고 쌓아놓은거 다잃을까봐 두려워서 은퇴해버림......

Monday, September 18, 2017

펀파워없이 판정가는복싱해도 골로프킨 메이웨더에게 이기는 이유

메이웨더 골로프킨의 순발력 1.6배 스피드 1.6배 디펜스 1.4배

골로프킨 메이웨더 펀치력 4배 링장악력 5배 펀치빈도수 2.5배

골로프킨이 파워없다고 가정해서, 판정가도 골로프킨이 이길수밖에 없음....

Sunday, September 17, 2017

인종차별주의자 조센징들의 심한 인종차별적 시각

슬라브백인이 제이콥스 카넬로상대로 유효타 훨씬 많이 때림  응 흑인 멕사칸이이겼어 밑천이드러났어그리고 무패임 응 거품이야 허접하고만붙어서 그래

흑인이 마이다나한 개털림 응 흑인이이겼어 아르헨티나인이 졌어 아직도 위대한 무패야 대단해ㄷㄷㄷ 아르헨티나인이 잘했지만 역부족이야...

슬라브백인들이 흑인들보다 파워 3배는 더쎔...

슬라브백인들 파워가 정말 타고나는듯 지금 강펀처들보면 다 슬라브백인들임 골로프킨 코발레프 클리치코...순수 순발력 파워운동인 역도도 슬라브백인들이 제일 잘함...

골로프킨이 알바레즈 봐주면서 살살한게 맞는거같다

골로프킨이 여태까지 보여준거랑 차이가 너무 심하게 남...골로프킨 여태까지 보여준거보면 무시무시한 파워의 소유자인데 이런 파워앞에서 일류복서든 삼류복서든 별차이가없어짐...근데 골로프킨이 일류복서랑 붙는다고 그 파워가 효력이 없어진다는건 말이안되지...그냥 일부러 살살하는거임 겁쟁이 메이웨더랑 붙어서 돈많이벌고싶어함..파워가 무시무시하면 모함 슬라브백인종차별 미국놈들이 인종차별로 돈도 안주는데...

미국슬라브백인차별때문에 파워 실력 최강자 골로프킨이 돈을못범

미국흑인놈들은 조금이라도 잘하면 돈을 엄청나게 버는데 이 미국 슬라브백인종차별주의놈들때문에 골로프킨이 너무 잘하니 돈도 별루 안주고 큰이름들이 피한다고 붙여주지도 않으니 골로프킨이 못하는척해야됨...골로프킨이 돈더많이버냐...메이웨더가 붙어준 3류복서 마이다나가 더돈많이버냐?!? 알겠냐?!? 미국백인종차별때문에 최강복서 골로프킨이 3류복서 마이다나보다 훨씬 돈을 못버는 지경인거지...

골로프킨이 필요한건 명예가 아니라 돈이야...

골로프킨이 지금까지 압도적인 경기로 ko시키며 무패챔피온이었는데 인종차별주의자 미국놈들이 흑인만우대하고 슬라브백인들을 인종차별해서 실력이랑 커리어에비해 큰돈도 못벌구, 카자흐스탄인이란 이유때문에 인종차별주의자 미국놈들이 인종차별해서 다른 빅네임들이랑 붙지도못하고 돈이많아서 명예걱정하는 빅네임들이 골로프킨이란 붙으면 질거 아니 붙어줄라하지도 않고...골로프킨이 최고실력에 비해 돈을 못벌었잖아 명예 그까지꺼는 돈있을때나 신경쓰지 돈없으면 명예신경도 안쓴...가난하게 생활하면 굶주린 골로프킨은 거품웨더따위 자기가 갖고 놀거아는데 돈만 많은 거품웨더는 골로프킨이랑 붙으면 쳐맞을거 알고 붙어주지는않지 골로프킨이 짜증이 난거지 그래서 일부러 브룩전부터 약한척하면서 맞아주고 원투고 안내고 쨉만 치면서 거품웨더새끼야 한번만 붙자 나도 돈좀 벌자 그리고 너 ko시켜줄께 이러면서 일부러 약한척해주는거지...

Saturday, September 16, 2017

골로프킨이 스타성 없다는 개소리좀 그만 메이웨더가 스타성 없고 골로프킨이

골로프킨이 스타성 많지 메이웨더가 없고...골로프킨 경기는 완전 화끈한 KO 경기고 메이웨더는 도망만 다니는 개노잼인데....현대복싱의 흥행은 그냥 90퍼센트가 미국국적이고 스타성은 관계가 없다고 생각하면되 아니면 미국이랑 관련된 나라이거나....미국이나 미국이랑 관련된 멕시코 이런 나라아니면 맨날 인종차별이랑 오늘경기처럼 편파판정만 받음 특히 구소련쪽이나 동유럽나라 슬라바들은 미국정치적 적대관계때문에 코발레프때처럼 인종차별 엄청받음 결론 더러운 인종차별 나라 미국....

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

most people buy swiss watches for fashion and the best quality

stop calling God's name in vain....that sin will send you to that's not simply true...because japanese are always bottom in sales numbers....people don't buy japanese watches simply...japanese watches are very low value and not desirable in fashion so no one reality buys it... you are jealous of people who buy watches that you call unrealistic price.... I don't understand your just sound like a japanese watch sales man....who buys a japanese watches?!? you might be right about quality of low to mid end watches but most people don't care about price ratio for quality in a watch....most people buy watches for fashion and best quality for as much money they can afford.... i'll just pay for value over an inflated piece--->okay wise man I don't understand why you care about this in are talking like a watch is something like investing one thinks watch like zis....

stupid americans doesn't know in detal how germany, italia, swiss and france are the best craftmanship and doesn't teach it as they treat it as no real difference in real life.

shut up about as good if no better part you stupid typical english speaker....what you saying is all bullshit and nothing expertise or technical knowledge but saying that japanese faboyism or that dumb japanese stereotype that exist in english speaking country as the best tech country and political love for japanese....for precision hand making parts(which is requires more precision that macine cannot do), japan is no match to germany in cars, watch, macines and measuring equipment or swiss in watches and measuring equipment, germany and swiss have traditionally been the best with no competition in this field... it's not like japan is close 2nd after german, japan is only like mid-high in precision metal engineering and germany and swiss are the best of the best....even in vanier caliper, german and swiss comapny like sylvac is the best by far....without the best measuring cutting edge technology, you cannot be the best in making watches, also for the far more complex craftsmanship....It's technically impossible for japanese make as good watch as swiss or germany okay?!? you know how seriously stupid americans are?!? when I search for this common basic knowledge in the internet, all americans do is lump together germany and japan together and ask and explain why germany and japan are best in precision parts lol....these americans don't care about who is the best and detailed information unless it's not for themselves being in the competition....same tendency all over english speaking countries....dumb nationalistic bunch of political people....japanese people make 2nd class products after germany, italia, swiss, france but they seem to be a good business man in cheap markets....what they are good at is business not in engineering and technology and craftsmanship.....and I hate english speaking people who don't know in detail how superior germany, italia, swiss and france are in craftsmanship in various field because they themselves feel jealous toward them that they cannot make those as good so it seems that's why they try to praise japan over them while ignoring detailed basic information of how best craftsmanship those countries are....they just treat it like useless small difference so experts don't emphasize the superiority of those germany, italia, swiss and france, it might be true that in real life, the difference might be small and make no huge difference but for craftsmanship level, it is huge difference and germany, italia, siwss and france deserve huge's just that anglosaxons are jealous so they go with the logic of oh it doesn't make huge difference in real life when they cry out our country is the best and greatest in the world...they are just hypocrite....I understand in order for anglosaxon to be the greatest, they must miniscule other countries greatness and don't recognize it....stupid...

I don't understand why there are so many japanese fan boy english speaking people and just lie

okay you lack common basic knowledge about watches then.. having so much experience on watches all you want, if you don't know swiss watch is the best and japanese watch is a lot inferior, you don't know the most basic thing and that make s you's same as american engineers, they work at google, facebook and have impressive fantastic experience but some of them can't even do the most basic math or basic works, I would say they still lack common knowledge even when they have a lot of knowledges in other technical areas.... you can't deal with the fact that most people will buy a japanese watch over a swiss one?!? who buys japanese watch?!? everybody buys swiss and german watches...okay you are denying here that swiss chrono has the best by far chrono craftsmanship by constantly claiming japanese superiority from your japanese fanboyism.... saying japanese watch is better than swiss watch is like saying chinese watch is better than japanese watch....never seen anyone except for stupid english people who claim zis stupid shit.....okay you are calling common watch knowledge as stereotype...this is the problem with stupid english speaking people....they flipt around 180 degree everything and calling facts stereotype, and stating fact as know what's better about japanese watch over swiss watch?!? yes cheap price.....but you never mention it saying like inflated price don't even understand there is levels of people are willing to pay so much money for the best thing, and swiss watch is much more expensive because it's the best....but i see so many stupid english speaking idiot americans arguing against it because they seem to be so jealous and hate it....I am not denying some seiko is good for the price but they simply not the best and far behind swiss watches....when did I bring up quartz...I said quartz watch is nothing special compared to mechanical watches....okay there are some japanese watches that are better for the price when did I deny that?!? all i am saying is swiss watches are the best and japanese watch is stupid english speaking people always write things like japanese is the best because they provide you with cheap options....okay that does not make you the best okay?!? Do you know how much patek phillippe cost?!? okay you worked on watch but you english speaking people are not swiss and just seem like work there and produce english watches that nobody even look at and claim your stupid japanese superiority that doesn't exist with your japanese go typical english person, oh japanese!!! I love it no matter what, they are the you shit...i've seen even in speaker stupid americans think japanese speaker is just the best without knowing anything about speaker, italia brand like sonus produce the best high end speaker but it's so expensive and i see american people rage about it in comment section and and try to offend people by saying japanese is the no no...japanese speakers have only mid to high quality speaker and doesn't even have the engineering level to produce the highest range speakers....that's nonsense...same with piano, in Fazioli Brunei video, stupid american say oh yamaha is better sound than is just mid quality shit and cannot be compared to even other mid high range pianos....there are levels of things...all japanese are good at is providing inferior quality products with cheap price just like chinese....this is common sense but there are so many stupid english speaking japanese fan say seiko has the better finish?!? are you serious..?!?....i doubt that you even know what patek philippe or vacheron constantin are.....that is like some no name artist has the better finish than michelangelo

in general, english speaking people completely lack common sense and are japanese fan boys

what i am saying is that any experience of person is lacking...there is a common sense and without knowing, you cannot base your opinion on your when your experience go well with the common, i would call it you are thoughtful but you base your opinion on your japanese fanboyism which is the typical character of english speaking people...also I've seen so many insults in video of patek philippe and vacheron constantin like they are arrogant, over priced, english speaking people in general are arrogant and ignorant and cannot respect the best by far craftsmanship of swiss chrono master who makes something that is the hardest thing to make and art of it....i never heard this nonsense from anyone except for english speaking people....english people always go against the fact and claim the japanese superiority....doing that is arrogant and cannot deny that superior by far the skills of swiss chrono can quartz models cost a lot more than high end swiss mechanical watches?!? are you that dumb?!? you sound like a total fan is nothing special stupid english speaking people argue that oh it last so long but that's just nature of it, it's not from better craftsmanship or anything.....sure your experience is limited and your opinion is sorely on typical english person's oh this japanese piece, oh I love japanese....!!! when japanese watch is nothing special, you guyz just love japanese with no reason may have some experience but that does not mean you have common sense when you are not educated about it....It's actually very common for english speaking people to lack common sense I notice....for example some americans don't even know where swiss is, so I call him stupid and lack common sense and he go like are you callking me stupid and lack common sense, I have engineering degree in does that mean he doesn't lack common sense?!? common sense is nothing speacial but the basic you need to matter how much experience you have, when you lack basic common sense, your points are stupid....go watch how patek philippe and vacheron constantin is made in youtube video...

Monday, September 11, 2017

I notice americans are the one that has stupid opinions and argue against common sense and call best european products as over priced and snob

yes you dont have to be opinionated....austrailian hmm you are same stupid as american....i notice english speaking people just go against common sense and talk like you and think talking long of your nonsense make you sound right lol....also notice have tendency to hate on european products being the best and claim inferior japanese products whose strength is cheap price of okay quality is superior....aka like a japanese fan boys and european haters...yes price is the representation of the quality but you over jealous stupid english speaking people always calls some snob and dont even undetstand there is classes of markets....also quatz watches are nothing special like you stupid english people love innovation and revolutionary and mass production and cheap gotta understand people appreciate craftmanship of swiss masters and and complex engineering that no one else can do thus swiss watches have more value...its common sense stop going against it stupid english people....i never seen thus weird opinions from people from other countries but only from english speaking people....

Saturday, September 9, 2017

스포츠에서 동양인 안된다는건 그냥 티벳계애들 말하는거야 이노우에도 사실상 동남아인종임

이노우에 일본애들도 그냥 인종상으로는 동남아 인종이라서 민첩하고 날카롭게 잘하는거다... 동양인 똥양인 안되 이건 그냥 티벳계 동양인들 말하는거임.... 이노우에 몸집을 봐라 완전 동남아임 작고 마르고....일본은 중국 우리나라처럼 티벳계동양인이 거의 안섞임 생긴거 우리랑 많이 다르고 동남아같이 생기고.......

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

americans are stupid. why are americans are always opposite of other countries when other countries are all the time same to each others?!?

nobody buys japanese cars except for stupid american and everybody buys german, italian and french cars in every countries...why are americans always opposite of other countries when other countries are all the time same to each others....?!? americans are really stupid...japanese cars are so bad...renault, peugeot, fiat citroen, alfa romeo never even interested in selling in the US but they dominate south america and north africa market....

Sunday, September 3, 2017

only the best engineering deserve to be the highest luxury price which is much more expensive than others

stupid americans who know nothing about cars...benz is much more expensive because it's the best engineering company first....who buys a car which is bad engineering but sell it expensive with expensive material?!? are americans are this much stupid?!? more expensive means, it has the the more engineering level first so price of value go up exponentially because rich people buy with a lot of money are willing to buy if it is the best engineering, and then comes the luxury clothing techniques to make it luxury for rich people to buy with much higher price...only best car deserve to be sold at the highest price possible for people don't buy mediocre engineering like toyota even if they put really expensive material inside because car engineering itself doesn't deserve to be the very high's the lexus which don't have engineering to build a luxury car because it's slow, bad steering and shake horribly at highway speed and doesn't even have luxury clothing brands to make inside of the car but stupid americans who know nothing about cars buy it close to the number of benz and bmw when nobody buys japanese cars in the world but everybody in every countries buy german cars....only the best engineering deserve to be the highest luxury price which is much more expensive than others....that's why benz is the number 1 in f1 now with their best engineering in the world....

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

싸이코패쓰의 특징 characteristics of psychopaths

Psychopaths are always witty and articulate аnԁ just about at all times “glib.” 
사이코패쓰는 항상 재치있고분명히 표현하다,구변 좋은, 말을 잘 하는 
They can bе “amusing anԁ entertaining conversationalists, ready with а easy anԁ clever comeback, аnd can tell unlikely on the other hand convincing stories…
싸이코패쓰는 재밌고, 즐겁게해주는 대화에 능하고, 쉽고 약삭빠른 컴백을 할준비가 되있다
They can bе extremely powerful іn presenting themѕеlvеѕ nicely аnd arе generally verу likeable and charming. To ѕоme people, then again, thеy appear tоo slick and smooth, tоо of course insincere аnԁ superficial. Astute observers always uncover the impression thаt psychopaths are play-acting, mechanically “reading thеir lines.”
싸이코패쓰는 자기를 나이스하고좋아할만하고 매력적으로 소개하는데 극단적으로 강하다. 어떤사람들한테는 세련되고, 부드럽게 보인다, 그리고 진실되지 않고, 속물로보이기도한다. 눈치가빠른사람들은() 사이코패쓰들의 행동이 연기이고, 기계적으로 각본에 의해 행동하는걸 언제나 눈치챈다..
 A signpost tо thіs trait іs consistently a smooth lack оf concern at bеing identified out.”
싸이코패쓰는 아는채를 잘하는데 그정체 들키는것에 부드럽게 무관심해준다.
Despite thеir failures, psychopaths hаve а incredibly “narcissistic аnd grossly inflated view оf their self-worth аnԁ significance, a truly fantastic egocentricity anԁ sense of entitlement, and see thеmѕеlvеs аѕ the center оf thе universe, aѕ better beings whо are justified in living according tо theіr оwn rules.”
실패에도 불구하고, 싸이코패쓰는 나르시시스틱하고 자신스스로 대우를 받는것이 당연하다고 느끼고, 중요한사람이라는 부풀린 토나오는 시각을 갖고 있다. 정말 믿을수없을정도로 이기적이고, 스스로 대접을 받을자격이있다고 생각한다. 자신의 룰안에서 정당화된 다른사람보다 나은사람이라고 여긴다.
They constantly obtain аs “arrogant, shameless braggarts–self-assured, opinionated, domineering, аnd cocky. They enjoy tо havе energy and control more than other people аnԁ seem unable tо believe thаt individuals have valid opinions numerous from theirs. They appear charismatic or ‘electrifying’ to ѕomе people.”
싸이코패쓰는 오만하고, 허풍을 떠는데 부끄러움이없고, 자신에 대한 확신으로 가득차있고, 독선적이고, 잘난체한다. 싸이코패쓰는 에너지를갖기를 즐기고, 다른사람들을 조정하기를 즐긴다. 싸이코패쓰는 어떤사람들에겐 카리스마있고 열광적으로 보일수도 있다.
The psychopath іѕ callous, remorseless, anԁ unempathetic, while аt initially glance hе may nоt seem that way. He iѕ consistently exceedingly witty, chameleon-like, charming (still not constantly, especially whеn not in а “effective” mood), the person whо attracts a circle оf admirers about him аt each party, but morе often that nоt, hе is constantly avoided — оncе individuals discover оut whаt he’s truly which include.
싸이코패쓰는 처음보기에는 안그런거같아도 사실은 냉담하고, 동정심이 없고, 공감능력이 부족하다. 싸이코패쓰는 너무 과도할정도로 재치있게 행동하고, 카멜레온같이 변신을 잘하고, 매력적이다(항상그렇지는 않다, 싸이코패쓰들이 생각하기에 효과적인 분위기가 아니라고느낄때는), 싸이코패쓰는 항상 그들을 동경하는 사람들을 끌어모은다. 하지만 그사람들이 그가 진짜 누군지 정체를 알아차릴때에는, 항상 사람들을 피한다.
Psychopaths often end up associating with others for example themselvеs, even though in ѕоmе cases thеу ԁon’t consistently uncover along thаt properly. Sometimes theу pair uр with other psychopaths anԁ come to be а close team, 1 may well bе а “talker” even though thе оther iѕ а “doer,” anԁ ѕо forth, although thеse roles arе interchangeable whеn dealing wіth a psychopathic duo. As long аѕ theіr interests are complimentary, they create a formidable pair. It hаs as well bеen reported thаt sоmе acquaintances might by no means essentially discover thеir essentially dark side.
싸이코패쓰는 항상 자신을위하여 다른사람들과 어울린다
Trying to “spot” а psychopath by look iѕ not simple and easy, aѕ thеy always alter thеіr appearance tо look non- threatening, оr tо develop a persona.
싸이코패쓰는 항상 그자신이 위협적이지않게 보이게위장함으로 싸이코패쓰 성향을 짚어내는건 간단하거나 쉽지 않다.
The psychopath picks out individuals whо can see thrоugh hіm: A bully’s (sociopath) apparent self-esteem anԁ self-confidence is actually arrogance, аn unsustainable belief of invulnerability honed frоm his willingness to act outside the bounds оf society tо make sure their survival. Targets (or victims) are individuals who can see thrоugh the arrogance tо perceive thе empty shell behind it – аnd bullies can sense whо can see through thеm, furthering thе target’s elimination. This often happens іn the office, аnd in situations wherе thе psychopath has let hіs mask drop.
싸이코패쓰는 항상 자신들을 꿰뚫어볼수 있는 사람들을 괴롭힌다. 싸이코패쓰의 확실한 자신감은 사실은 오만함이다. 자신들이 살아남기 위하여 항상 행동할수 있다는 의지에서 나온 계속될수 없는 자신이 무적이라는 믿음에서나온다 오만함이다. 싸이코패쓰가 괴롭히는 대상은 싸이코패쓰의 오만함을 꿰뚫어볼수 있는 사람들이다. 그리고 대상을 제거할때까지 어떤경우에는 싸이코패쓰는 자신을 숨긴 가면을 벗어버릴때가 있다.
Symptoms of a psychopath:
싸이코패쓰의 증상
1.       Considerable superficial charm and average or above average intelligence.
상당한 속물적인 매력을가지고 있고 중간이나 중간이상의 지능을가지고 있다.
2.      Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
착각이심하거나 다른 비이성적인생각을하는 증상
3.      Absence of anxiety or other “neurotic” symptoms considerable poise, calmness, and verbal facility.
긴장을하지 않는다. 상당히 침착하고, 냉정하고, 언어에 능하다.
4.      Unreliability, disregard for obligations no sense of responsibility, in matters of little and great import.
신뢰하기가 어렵다, 책임을지려하지 않는다, 책임감이 전혀없다.
5.      Untruthfulness and insincerity
진실하지가 않다. 불성실 무성의하다.
6.      Antisocial behavior which is inadequately motivated and poorly planned, seeming to stem from an inexplicable impulsiveness.
동기부여가되지않거나, 계획되지 않고 설명될수 없는 충동에서나온것같은 반사회적인 행동을보인다
7.Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
8.Poor judgment and failure to learn from experience
판단력이흐리거나 경험에서 배우지를못한다.
9. Pathological egocentricity. Total self-centeredness incapacity for real love and attachment.
병적으로 이기적이다. 완전히 자기중심적이라 진짜사랑이나 애착을 할수가 없다.
10. General poverty ot deep and lasting emotions.
일반적으로 간난하고, 감정들이 깊고 오래간다.
11. Lack of any true insight, inability to see oneself as others do.
참된통찰력이 없고, 다른사람들이 하듯이 자신을 볼줄을모른다.
12. Ingratitude for any special considerations, kindness, and trust.
어떤 특별한 배려나 친절함 신용에 은혜를 느끼지 않는다.(풍쏴도 자기가 당연히 받아야될것이고 안쏘면 너나한테 쏴야 정상이고 그게 내계획인데 안쏴? 이런식으로 생각함)
13. Fantastic and objectionable behavior, after drinking and sometimes even when not drinking–vulgarity, rudeness, quick mood shifts, pranks.
환상적이거나 불쾌한행동들, 무례하거나, 기분이자주바뀌고, 짖꿎은 장난을한다.
15. An impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated seX life.
비인격적이고, 사소하고, 문란한 성생활
16. Failure to have a life plan and to live in any ordered way, unless it be one promoting self-defeat.

인생에 대한 계획이 없음, 아니면 어떤 규칙적인생활을 하지 않는다 자신이 진것을 홍보하기전까지는

nadal is the most arrogant prick and nadal fans call him the most humble lol

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