Tuesday, March 7, 2017

everybody buys german cars and nobody buys japanese cars except for ignorant americans who know nothing about cars

stupid american again who knows nothing about cars and thinks shit japanese cars are good....everybody buys only german cars and nobody buys japanese cars in the world except for stupid americans who thinks shit japanese cars are good...it's japanese cars that would have been nonexistent if japan didn't impose heavy tariffs on german cars actually....in europe, NOBODY buys japanese cars because europe is the best car continent so japanese cars have no chance unlike poor stupid americans who knows nothing about cars.....and japanese cars never beaten german cars in major car racings....there is huge technology gap between german cars and japanese cars...that's why japanese cars are only selling cheap cars and german cars are very expensive....

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basic history of how greek cultures spread to north africa and west asia and rome

you have no basic knowledge of roman history that is taught in middle school history class and how greek cultures were spreaded to west asia...