Thursday, March 9, 2017

federer achieve his records in absolute dominance not in longevity

ridiculous retard nadal fan again finding so hard new weird records for making excuses for nadal lose.... extremely lucky nadal should return all those 10 grand slams to federer he won after federer got ill from mononucleusis virus in 2008....federer always dominates nadal before he got sudden unfortunate should also consider that Federer would have won by now about 45 slams had he not suddenly ill in 2008...nadal achievement is from extreme luck and his long period of time and his longevity(16 year span) you retard and federer achievement is from dominance short period of time before his illness and he just played longer than nadal because he is older and most of his career is his illness since 2008...and you retard nadal fans always talk opposite of facts...stop being retard you nadal fans lol...Don't you see the obvious record federer in only 5 years with prime nadal achieved far more than nadal achieve in 10 years with ill federer when you find so hard now trivial records for making bad excuse for nadal?!? retard nadal fans are extremely delusional and keep creating lies for nadal.... lol such as nadal is not defensive player but offensive player?!? lol..also nadal officially caught doping and you retard never talk about it and now accuse federer's just obvious that 35 ill federer play around his 60 percent, federer can manage to beat nadal and when federer play his 70 percent, nadal can't beat federer like in 2007....

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