Saturday, March 18, 2017

nadal fans are delusional and say lie confusing it as a fact by side effect of brainwashing

a lot of illnesses are like that and federer's illness is like that...federer was not healthy 2011, 2012, 2014, he did not have record like before his illness plus he got so old so everybody knows federer was in deeper decline in those years than right after he was getting mononucleosis virus and you are saying that is are just blinded for your idol nadal.....stop saying keep saying 9 year ago 9 year ago....what 9 year ago 10 year ago 80 year ago matter?!? medical fact: mononucleosis stays sampras was in decline after his injury and i cannot talk about it because its 18 year ago?!? what you are saying is nadal is my lord and you cannot say that plz for my lord nadal plz...don't be ridiculous hahahahaha.....of course federer would have lead h2h 30-5 and win 45 grand slam title if he have not suffered from mononucleosis virus.....he won almost every tournaments he the math.....all you do is fact denying oh no he did not win 3 slams every years, no he wasn't number 1 ranking when he was healthy,,,,,oh no federer is not suffering mono, oh no FEDERER STILL CANNOT HAVE A INFECTED THROAT IN 2023 i made that up to make others who say fact ridiculous and so blind to see what i am saying is actually happening to the victims of mononucleosis virus regularly around the globe, oh no if nadal caught doping, everybody is doping crying crying i am emotional.... stop the nonsense you nadal worshiper lol....

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