Thursday, March 9, 2017

tea in china is essential part of life and tea in japan is only formal

tea in china is more like every day japan, tea is just a traditional culture....but I can agree that japanese tea might have more quality....but it's from their philosophy about everything, they believe in doing best and perfect job....that does not mean china lost it compared to japan because in china, people still drink tea everyday and is part of their essentil life and in japan tea is more like formal occasion like the expression in the video....

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렉서스는 최신독일기술들이 아니라 옛날 독일기술 그대로베껴쓴다

빅픽쳐 럭셔리차를 부자들이 최신독일기술 고급차타려고 사는거죠...최신기술들이 많이들어가도 고장률을 최소로 줄이는 벤츠 bmw 아우디의 기술력때문에 사는거고요....렉서스는 최신독일기술들이 아니라 옛날 독일기술 그대로써서 고장날께없죠 그게 렉서스가 노리...