Thursday, March 9, 2017

volkswagen makes far more profit than toyota

are you kidding me?!? don't talk nonsense... toyota is know for just sell many cars with no value or mostly sell the cheapest cars and cheapest cars are affordable to masses so they sell a lot but a lot less is only popular because it's cheap cars in the US........VW sell mostly luxury cars that profit them far more and sell even more number of luxury cars than toyota selling number of cheapest cars makes much more money per one car than the cheapest VW makes 70billion more profit than toyota....why luxury car company like benz and lamborghini makes far more profit than vw and toyota for a lot less car don't sell in other markets other than american market without american market, toyota would not the world, people only buy VW and nobody buy is almost equal to VW in selling numbers only because of north america and south east asian market(because japan invested in south east asia and german cars never come there....when german cars open market to southeast asia, it's matter of time, gap between WV and toyota will be larger....

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