Thursday, April 6, 2017

classical music is the greatest music ever in the history of music and its rhythm is to give sublimity which is the higher concept than other musics have

jazz copied classical dont copy it and pretend, just beat the drum like black which is your real music...not african rhythm but black rhythm you ignorant american because northern and eastern africans are greek-race....classical music is sentimental music and its rhythm is in order and has to be perfect....classical music is the greatest music with greek music which has influence from it and also moors/arabs copied from...classical music is in higher realm from other forms of musics that emphasizing simple rhythm, classical music is piety and sublime and grandeur so rhythm is intended to be simple and merely there to support it not to stick out like other average have to lack soul to intend to bad mouse classical music while you actually moved by it while you are listening to it because you are human too....about rhythm, i play tabla, arabic rhythm which is far more complex than any rhythms in the world, so you can't beat me with your simple black rhythm....moors/arabs also copied greek cultures like greek art, greek music, greek musical instruments, greek architecture, greek law, greek philosophy, greek science, greek math, greek food etc etc....educate yourself ignorant american, all you know is barbarian black trash cultures in america....

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