Monday, April 3, 2017

corrupt ATP allow nadal cheat and accommodate everything to his desire

biological passport means nothing to nadal because ATP especially allow doping only for nadal....they also slow down all courts and even much more slower this year for nadal and having fixing draws for nadal for 8years now...see nadal always have easiest draws all the time even when his ranking is low....the fact that atp allowed doping for nadal makes fixing draws for nadal more obvious....more example is that they accept the nadal's whine about the umpire pointing out his serving time violation and banned this fantastic umpire from nadal's match for doing the right job and ATP even changed the madrid court into clay and when nadal complained about the blue clay just because he lose, ATP unbelievably changed it into red clay again....ATP and nadal is corrupt.....

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퍼포먼스 고기술력차라서 복잡해서 저런실수가 나오는거....매스컴에는 안타지만 퍼로먼스차도 아니고 최대로 단순하고 기술력이 하나도 안들어가는 일반차에 럭셔리차 이름만 붙인 렉서스인데도 불이나는경우가 많아서 이번에 렉서스 리콜했음 엔진 불이 일어나서......