Monday, April 17, 2017

nadal is the longest consistent player

nadal is right now better than 2010 with better serve. 2006 and 2007 nadal was his peak because he was young and had fresh body to sacrifice for his body sacrificial tennis, he is almost same throughout his career with no up and down as he is the longest consistent player from the start to now....federer got ill from mononucleosis virus in 2008 and hasn't been half of what he used to be....federer dominated nadal for 5 straight years right before the illness in 2008 which nadal took advantage of to win 11 slams.....federer is with illness and 35 year old age declined so much that he lost all his speed and explosiveness but his changing from disadvantaged racquet enable him to hit backhand more effectively nadal's high moonballing which federer has struggle with with his one handed backhand with small racquet short, even after the illness in 2008, federer would still have continued to dominate nadal even after the illness if he changed his racquet earlier....

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