Friday, April 7, 2017

nadal is not federer who used to win everything when he was healthy.

bullshit nonsense..even for now, federer just won first miami open after the illness in 10 years!!! .who are u to tell he is completely healed or not?!? after the illness, he has not been half of himself... you sound like a bullshit typical nadal fan who is desperately want to make up the story and rule it out as you desire to be as if you are a the king and what you say is the law...federer never comeback after mononucleosis virus...its effect is permanent as it shrunk his muscle.:..mononucleosis virus ruined federer's career:FACT!!!...mononucleosis virus is very serious illness you can see from many tennis players, most famous example is federer and then soderling, ancic and roddick...tell that to your fellow nadal fan, nadal is completely healed from his injury and he is the same player as retard nadal fans completely ignore federer's illness while leave a nonsensical comments everywhere that after the injury, nadal is not same as before just because he lose....don 't be delusional!!! nadal is not federer who used to win everything when he was healthy, nadal just lose what he normally guys talk like before the injury he was like federer who wins everything he enter..and when federer lose after the injury though he used to win everything before the injury, these retard nadal fans leave a comment federer is healed completely. bullshit!!! what a completely delusional bunch of retards...

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