Friday, April 28, 2017

the reason that countries with high cost of living such as england, japan, sweden and singapore are good countries to live in

that's the obvious lie of are american right?!? Do you know capitalism is used to be considered lefty propaganda?!? capitalism is there to replace traditional catholic monarchy... you said if people compete, the quality will get better and price will go down, this is true up to certain in the theory of capitalism, people compete and it makes prices go down, that's only good for people because common people gets richer by competition... this is true when you only consider the fact that price is going down for people but you disregard the fact the price is going down for the sake of paying lower wages to the workers and so much left over money go for already rich people who gets more money from paying low wages to his workers and still buy things in cheap price because price is low from paying workers low the prices of goods get cheaper but in compensate of that, wages of common people who afford those goods go down as gotta see who is the most benefactor and most victims here....benefactor is the owner of uber, the only one person who doesn't labor to produce products and the victims are taxi conclusion, you can easily see the one clever owner of the uber is only stealing money from taxi drivers.....and if this will continue, what will happen?!? one possibility is that people will flock to uber to make money, the price will eventually settled down as same price of taxi for service user because that's the price that has been set for long time as the reasonable price for both drivers and service users, and uber drivers will only make less money because owner of uber needs to take 20 percent of money from the in the end, only change will be that uber drivers make less money than taxi period because owner of uber is charging them 20percent money or service users will need to pay more money for uber eventually than period of taxi because they will be charged for 20 percent money that owner of uber is taking.....Do you think cheap cost of living is good for people?!? so those countries with high cost of living such as england, japan, singapore and sweden are hard countries to live in?!? no in reality, cheap cost of living means low wages of low would be good for high class people who makes a lot of money from giving low wages to low class people and they still buy and use services for very cheap prices....but that means disparity between people are so great....for those countries with so high cost of living such as england, japan, singapore and sweden, Do you think they live very hard lives because cost of living is too high?!? nope they all live reasonable lives and disparity between people are no problem because low class people live reasonable enough life......those countries with high cost of living has the reason to have high cost of living....those countries with high cost of living is also considered to be the countries with high standard of lives....

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