Wednesday, April 12, 2017

you can't fabricate pre-illness of federer as nadal's development and federer's illness as nadal's peaking. that's pure retard.

3 month mono lol....tell me the again the record after mononucleosis virus and before.....21 nadal was prime back then and everybody knows that his tennis is the talentless extreme defensive body sacrificing tennis that needs fresh body to sacrifice so younger the better......his tennis is not technical tennis like federer's that needs proper developement so he peaked much early than normal players.....healthy federer just outplayed prime nadal...and nadal is extremely lucky that federer got suddenly ill since 2008....and no you can't fabricate federer's illness is nadal's prime and pre-illness as his development...that's pure retard....

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nadal is the most arrogant prick and nadal fans call him the most humble lol

most humble and gentle players give excuse everytime he lose and hit other players on the court just because he is losing and yell at umpire...