Monday, May 22, 2017

german cars are much more reliable than japanese cars eventhough german cars are so fast and use complex engineering which is invented by germans and japanese cars are so slow and use simple old german technoloygy.

german cars are the best engineering by doesn't even have the engineering capability to build luxury is very slow and is only capable of making simple old german engineering, bad handling and unstable at highway speed, only thing they boast about is their pretentious reliability from low speed and simple old engineering....german company has the advanced complex engineering which means much more reliable for complexity for complexity and for speed for speed....porsche is even more reliable than lexus eventhough porsche is dreadfully fast and far more complex engineering and lexus is very slow and old engineering..japanese cars only good at copying german technologies..nobody buys japanese cars outside of the US....and japanese cars never beat german cars in the prestigious car racings....and toyota car was even broken down last year during le mans is unreliable but only pretend to be with low tier crap cars....only thing toyota is good at is their consistency in production system for american audience only...

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벤츠 bmw 아우디는 고장이없다.

뭔 가르쳐주는 사람한테 공부를하래...전 벤츠 BMw 잔고장없이 잘탑니다...독일 럭셔리 시장은 차를 금방 바꾸는 부자들을 위해 신기술을 갖춘 차모델을 매년 출시해야 되는데, 큰신기술도입되는 모델들은 신기술의 오류들이 안잡혀서 당연히 어쩔수없이 잔고장...