Thursday, May 25, 2017

it's hilarious to see that stupid americans think they seem real smart to care about unimportant stuff that they falsely created.

i hate these kinds of american pretentious smart people...ivy league and wrong usage of us version of 'hispanic' are related?!? why would he need to know that unimportant political propaganda wrong usage of hispanic in the US but it's not referred to certain race shit....south americans are just all white people to general asian people and to me....and knowing that is important for you and do you think that makes you sound smart?!? it actually makes you sound dumb because you think caring about that unimportant dumb thing which you stupid thinks make you sound like smart person while not knowing greek civillization or engineering makes you sound smart lol.... do you study greek study in depth or know about engineering or know original meaning of hispanico?!? that's what you should know not that crap thing hispanic(who cares about mexican?!?) is not race(also who care?!?)...let me tell you no one in south america referred to themselves hispanic....they consider themselves white or if they care enough to aware they are mixture between white+indio, they considere themselves correctly mestizo....but who cares?!? you don't have to know that why would you want to know that kind of stuff....?!? that is not important unless you are latin american yourself....hispanico is people from hispania(iberian peninsula) and is the latin term used by romans....this one is important knowledge because it's roman history and should be learned at school or academia.... and correct term yevato is referring to for that certain race is not hispanic but indio or mestizo in south american countries....anyways why is that important thing to know for asians?!? what you are saying is that unimportant nonsensical US made things are things all educated people are supposed to all educated people supposed to reject that nonsensical US made labeling and political propaganda like hispanic(wrong usage of the word of the US people) is not race(not important to know, also political propaganda created in the US and real south americans don't know of course) only ignorant people in the US knows that unimportant shit and it's hilarious ignorant people in the US thinks they are smart to know that nonsense that they themselves created while not knowing any real knowledge they should know such as greek history and roman history at's hilarious to see that world is laughing at you stupid US people and while US people accept that they are stupid, they pretend to be smart with the nonsensical things people are laughing at you with as stupid to know and not know what you are supposed to know and study.......

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