Sunday, May 21, 2017

porsche is the most reliable car in the world by far and toyota is unreliable but only pretend to be reliable with only being able to produce low speed car and simple old techology.

what?!? porsche road cars not all that realialbe?!? Do you know anything about cars?!? porsche road cars are know to be the most reliable cars in the world by far though the speed is so high and technology is very complex and still more reliable than slow and old simple designed toyota is not reliable but american people confuse low speed of cheap affordable simple old engineered car as is only pretend to be reliable with engineering capability of producing slow low tier cars and old simple technologies be really reliable, you should be able to build reliable car with complex engineering and even with dreadful speed...look last year, when they try to be as advanced as they can, toyota's low reliability engineering is exposed in real competition...japanese cars can never beat german cars in competition...

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