Sunday, June 11, 2017

don't even compare japanese cars to german cars. that's like comparing chinese cars to japanese cars.

bullshit...every countries have 90 percent volkswagen on the road any countries you's the fact in almost every countries..even in japan, japanese people buy benz and bmw and not buy lexus that doesn't even have engineering to build a luxury cars and old german technology...their cars are bad steering, unstable at highway speed, and is not expensive and is much more reliable and stable at highway speed and great steering unlike japanese junks....I don't know what bullshit americans created japanese cars are reliable?!? toyota got broken down last year le man 24....their pretentious reliability of production cars only comes from low speed and old simple german german that use complicated new german technology can build 5 times more reliable cars than japanese if they want to build....japanese are both incapable of building a current german technology car and reliable cars, they can only build copied old german engineering car that are less reliable than old german cars....porsche build cars that are even more reliable than any japanese cars with complicated new german technology and dreadful fastest speed, which is the real amazing....

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german cars are the world's most reliable cars and japanese cars are unreliable. quora comment

your question is based on completely opposite of fact. german luxury cars have the best by far reliability in the world and it’s well known ...