Wednesday, June 14, 2017

italians have the best engineering in cars and japanese have the mediocre engineering in cars

you know nothing about stupid are an american of different ethnicity...because nobody buys or not laugh at japanese cars in this have the happiest customers around the world?!? lol hahahaha nobody buys lexus in this world except for stupid americans. 95 percent of sales of lexus are americans...not even japanese people buy lexus, japanese people buy benz bmw and don't know these facts, all you stupid americans know is praising shit japanese cars non stop with false facts yourself created and brainwashed because you are poor and don't have money to know about german cars.... audis or volkswagens aren't fast and you said toyota is fast?!? you kidding me?!? denying toyota is unreliable eventhough it got broken down is have be the best reliable as possible in le man with your highest engineering is it comparing it to normal daily cars, normal daily cars require 1/12 reliability to racing cars....and you are doing that stupid stuff....also old german cars are much more reliable than last long time because it is slow and use old german technology....and no lexus doesn't last as long as german, italian, swedish, french cars you stupid american....are you denying that italians(ferrari and lamborghini) have the best engineering in the world and ferrari aren't reliable?!? you said the stupiest thing ever I are the most reliable and highest have to be the most reliable to withstand racing and is the best car in the world, they won the doesn't even have the engineering capability to participate in f1....yet you poor person are dare to talk shit about ferrari and praise stupid toyota which do not even have the capability to build luxury cars, let alone a super car?!? typical stupid american who knows nothing about cars talk about cars in the internet and praise japanese junks and shit talking about cars that you have the most respect for.... no japanese companies make a car 1/4 reliable as ferrari..... italian super car can last 1million km you stupid american who know nothing about a car eventhough it is uncomparably difficult to be reliable when the car is extremely fast and extremely sophisticated than normal daily cars that are slow.....also audi and volkswagen aren't fast either?!? you are so ignorant and volkswagen are amazingly fast...japanese cars are extremely slow....yet you say audi and volkswagen are slow and saying as if slow toyota is fast are so stupid that I can't even talk to you is bad crap steering, extremely slow, ..japanese cars never beat german cars and italian cars before in f-1, leman 24, wrc etc gap is too much to compare...comparing japanese car to german car or italian car is like comparing chinese car to japanese....japanese car should compared with korean cars...okay? you stupid american the only people who buys japanese cars in this world and other countries laugh at you lol....

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