Tuesday, June 13, 2017

old german cars are much more reliable than current japanese cars

german and italian and swedish cars have world records in highest mileage of cars....japanese makers use only old german technology that is proven to be most reliable....and german cars right now build cars with latest german technology that are very hard to keep the reliability because it gets much more complicated and takes time to fix......old german cars are much more reliable than japanese cars.....everybody knows german engineering is the best in the world and japanese engineering is mediocre level but they marketing good in america....but I see ignorant americans don't know about cars and think japanese has high engineering and make stereotype about it wrongly.....comparing japanese car to german car is like comparing chinese car to japanese car....comparing is stupid....

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people in the world accept the scientific fact that north africans and europeans and west asians are all caucasoid race but only stupid americans don't accept it and have their weird racist view of classifying races.

it's people of ignorant americans of all kinds of races that do not accept it because they have this weird racist non scholastic view of...