Thursday, June 15, 2017

racing is the ultimate standard for the company's best engineering capability for reliability of their cars and nobody buys lexus in this world and 95 percent of their small sales number is only from the US

stupid typical poor american coming up with american stupid lying unscientific data such as american consumer report which is friend of japanese and hate german cars because japanese companies constantly give them money lol.... like I said japanese cars aren't reliable...their pretentious reliability comes from low speed and using old german many times I have to say this?!? you say same thing over and over.....old german cars are 5 times more reliable than current japanese cars.....are you stupid?!? f-1 requires uncomparably far far more reliability, companies' best of the best reliability.....comparing f1 car to normal car is stupid and that's what you are are constantly bringing normal cars.....withstanding f1 racing means the company has the best engineering for the best don't even have engineering to enter f-1 and not even luxury car, lexus pretend to be luxury car when toyota doesn't have the mechanical engineering to build a luxury car, unstable at highway speed, bad steering, slow is not reliable....?!?you are so stupid i can't even talk to is the most reliable car by far in the bring normal car to f-1 circuit, let's see how reliable those cars are lol....that's laughable...they will be broken right away....normal car is not the standard of how reliable the car company built because it only uses their 25 percent of their ability to make mass production cars car is standard for companie's engineering capability for reliability because company is doing their best of the best to build a car that is best reliable as for their best ability.....and japanese normal cars are a lot less reliable than normal german and italian cars and french car and swedish car like volkswagen and alpha romeo.... .lexus sold 652,000 vehicles BMW finished 2015 with luxury sales of 346,023 vehicles, followed by Lexus with 344,601 and Mercedes with 343,088. All three brands set U.S. sales records last year. Europe, the brand’s third-biggest market, sold only 64,000 vehicles and that's amazing 20 percent increase in their selling from the previous year. And China, Lexus’ second biggest, only sold 88,500, eventhough it is amazing 14 percent nobody buys lexus in any countries(Europe is not even a country you stupid) you stupid american who thinks lexus which has shit steering, unstable at highway speed and slow is a good car.... even no japanese people who are known to buy only their country products, buy lexus lol, they buy benz, bmw, audi, porsche and then yes, 95 percent of lexus sales is from america because their total sales in the world is so small compared to benz, bmw, audi even though it's mathematically 52 percent, their sell is non existance in the world, but only in US they sell strong and they sell less than benz and BMW in the US in small number they sell in the US....Americans are so poor also that they don't even buy luxury cars also.... you sell 250 cars in one country and 1 car for each 250 countries, it feels like 99 percent of small sales number of lexus is from the US only lol....compared to 300 cars sales of each of benz, bmw, audi in the US and 200 cars sales for 250 countries. total 50,300 cars same number of cars for each country to 500 cars you have to combine all 250 countries sales to match one country's sales number....i want to say it's 99 percent of lexus sales is from the US than 52 percent.... you sell only 100 cars in the world and 52 cars are sold in one country and only sell 3 or 2 in each other countries, I can say 95 percent of small number of lexus car sales is from the US.... tolerances in super car engines are little?!? you are so stupid hahahaha so for you tolerance is only how far it can go?!? no tolerances in super car is uncomparably far the most like elephant is uncomparably bigger than withstand extreme speed and of course it can go much less than small slow normal cars because there is far more damage to withstand....that mean normal car is far more tolerance than super cars?!? are you stupid lol................... pagani zonda eventhough it's a super car can go 1 million km which no slow and not even smallest simple normal japanese cars never's the real amazing extreme reliability... toyota never won any car racings before lol.....I don't know why this stupid poor americans support toyota so hard lol when they have shitty mediocre engineering and all they do is copying german cars....yes korean and japanese cars are in same level so compare those two...

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