Friday, July 21, 2017

german cars much more reliable than japanese cars

best selling company is and has always been volkswagen not toyota and honda....nobody buys your shitty japanese cars in the world except for stupid americans... thats your bullshit american lie...german cars are known to be more reliable than japanese cars everywhere in the world except for stupid americans who know nothing about cars and simple minded(you composed two sentences of bullshit american lies and don't know anything about car and call me simple minded?!? lol) i explained german cars are very fast performing cars and use very complex latest german engineering which are very hard to keep the reliability and japanese cars pretentious reliability comes from slow speed(less damage to the car) and using old german engineering yet current german cars are as reliable which means that germans have far much better engineering for the reliability and death rate is the highest in car accident in lexus, good luck with dying with car accident in japanese cars...old german cars are much more reliable than current japanese cars...what's really amazing about german car's reliability is that porsche is the fastest car around and use complex latest german engineering yet it's even more reliable than any japanese cars that are slow and are built for reliability using simple old german engineering....also japanese cars never beaten german cars before in le man 24 which is the test for ultimate reliability of educate yourself you stupid americans who know nothing about know german cars are also known to be the best car in the world because they have the best engineering, german cars has the best handling, best design, and best reliability and best stability even at extremely high speed, best speed,'s not like japanese comes 2nd best engineering in the world after german, their car is mediocre at its best and are not in the class to be compared to german cars, japanese cars are too slow, too bad handling and shake horribly at even highway speed....japanese car should be compared with korean cars....

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nice explanation of how le mans 24 car is relevant to production cars.

L0v0lup L0v0lup 10시간 전 I was wrong about the source of information. AutoBild is just publishing them, you was right. Seems like the rank...