Tuesday, August 1, 2017

everybody buys benz, bmw, audi, porsche and volvo and nobody buys lexus except for stupid americans who know nothing about cars

nope nobody buys lexus...benz bmw audi and volvo shares 90 percent of luxury car world market in the world and volkswagen is the best selling car company in the world and lexus share 4 percent of luxury car world market but their 4 percent sales is 99 percent from the stupid americans who know nothing about cars....even in japan benz and bmw outsells lexus....chinese and saudis buys benz, bmw, audi....stupid american you are, who mostly buy benz and bmw so smart but so many stupid people buy lexus crap in america that nobody else buy in other countries....98 percent of lexus sales come from stupid americans like you.....toyota doesn't even have the engineering to build a luxury level car because it's slow, bad handling, and unstable at highway speed and still use old german engineering and old german technologies to keep the reliability and don't have luxury clothing brand to lack tailoring interior of the car in luxury level....one who buys lexus with that money is basically a stupid person...

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