Thursday, August 10, 2017

japanese cars pretend to be reliable by being slow unperforming cars and copying simple old german engineering to keep the reliability when they don't even have 1/4 german engineering of reliability

I am not....I don't hate anything...just stating fact...but you stupid americans hate the fact that german cars are the best by far and japanese cars are only c class cars so start hating.....stop being hater and accept facts....nobody buys lexus except for stupid this hating?!? not it's a fact!!! you just hate it because you never knew it and thought lexus is selling a above average numbers in other countries like in america and hate intentionally when reality is so different from your country and assuming.... wake up american!!!

of course lexus is happy that stupid american who know nothing about cars buy lexus which is slow, bad handling, use old german technologies and engineering to keep the reliability when they can't build 1/4 reliable car of german, italian and french cars and shake horribly at highway speed that nobody else buy in other countries, so they can make profit off of stupid americans.....if not for americans, they can't even sell small shitty cars they have in any countries and can come up with fake luxury segment they create with insufficient engineering for lexury cars...

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