Saturday, August 12, 2017

stupid poor americans who know nothing about cars talking shit so they can feel better for being poor

stupid poor american who know nothing about car and shit talking just because you have no money to buy german luxury cars so you can feel good about yourself being poor and delude yourself being better than rich lol...even 10 year old kid knows mercedes benz is the best engineering by far in the world....benz is much more reliable than your shitty japanese car that nobody else buy except for stupid americans...benz is a very fast performing car and is using complex latest german engineering which are very hard to keep the reliability... and crap shitty japanese cars are very slow small cheap cars and use simple old german engineering which are very easy to keep the reliability....cut the bullshit crap american reports that are baseless....japanese cars never beaten benz in le man 24 which are ultimate racing for maximum reliability of each companies....

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