Monday, September 11, 2017

I notice americans are the one that has stupid opinions and argue against common sense and call best european products as over priced and snob

yes you dont have to be opinionated....austrailian hmm you are same stupid as american....i notice english speaking people just go against common sense and talk like you and think talking long of your nonsense make you sound right lol....also notice have tendency to hate on european products being the best and claim inferior japanese products whose strength is cheap price of okay quality is superior....aka like a japanese fan boys and european haters...yes price is the representation of the quality but you over jealous stupid english speaking people always calls some snob and dont even undetstand there is classes of markets....also quatz watches are nothing special like you stupid english people love innovation and revolutionary and mass production and cheap gotta understand people appreciate craftmanship of swiss masters and and complex engineering that no one else can do thus swiss watches have more value...its common sense stop going against it stupid english people....i never seen thus weird opinions from people from other countries but only from english speaking people....

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